What does it take to extract perfection (99.9999% accuracy)? AI is ideal for automating repetitive activities, but in the event of bad OCR quality documents or determining which phrases have been altered and need to be overridden, the three dimensions of good AI software, a trained team of lawyers, and a strict methodology are all equally critical.

In this whitepaper, we will learn how AI alone can be insufficient for a legacy contract data extraction project, as well as the importance of leveraging human expertise in improving the efficiency of an AI.

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5W1H Approach:

  • What capabilities does Artificial Intelligence data extraction software have?
  • Why is using AI to automate the process important?
  • When in the extraction process should AI software being introduced?
  • Where is AI software insufficient for the extraction of legacy contract data?
  • Who should do the review?
  • How can we bridge the gap?