Explore how companies have used Brightleaf to gain unique insights into their contracts

Extracting unstructured data from complex agreements across global industries

The World’s largest distributor of food and related products primarily to the foodservice or food-away-from-home industry; with more than 600,000 clients in a wide array of fields hired Brightleaf to help them with the extraction of key information from their contracts. The data extracted by Brightleaf included their customer locations, Number of deliveries per week, Average sell price, Average order size, Brand purchases to total purchases, Annual purchase commitment, Fuel Surcharge, Fuel Surcharge Index adjustments, etc.

A world leader in telecom company required to track obligations and manage risk by automating the extraction process with a fast, reliable solution that also frees up human resources to work on higher-value tasks. We extracted EVERY obligation from their contracts, sometimes as large as 2000 pages and 88 addendums! Categorized each obligation into different categories, provided the clause text, nature of the obligation, obligation time frames, etc.

A global provider of business decisioning data and analytics that offers a wide range of products, and services for risk and finance, operations and supply, and sales and marketing professionals, as well as research and insights on global business issues, serving customers in government and various industries. Brightleaf helped the company with insight into their rights on data following the termination, Nonstandard data rights, perpetual or fixed terms.

The global leader in diversified worldwide financial technology, trading, and information services with more than 3500 employees serving businesses and investors from over 50 offices in 26 countries across six continents – and in every capital market was looking for a partner who could extract key data with precision and with utmost information security appointed Brightleaf to extract the key data such as Product information, Term related information, Billing frequency, Price increase provisions. Brightleaf also helped the company in mitigating contractual risks by comparing and redlining clauses and terms/ to check compliance of contracts whether they are standard or non-standard

Brightleaf helped the fortune 500 telecommunications company by extracting key information from high volumes of unstructured data with greater efficiency and accuracy from a wide variety of document types such as MSAs, Amendments, Addendums, Exhibits & Appendices, etc. along with the corresponding sections. Also, we did an in-depth analysis of some of the important attributes such as Dispute Process and Guidelines, like timeframe of the company’s dispute capability begins, the time interval of the dispute, and much more.

World’s most trusted and esteemed source of visual content, with over 200 million assets available through its industry-leading sites, the visual media company serves creative, business, and media customers in almost 200 countries. With over 200,000 contributors and hundreds of image partners to provide comprehensive coverage, the company hired Brightleaf to extract information from a wide range of contracts. The information extracted included License territory, License territory restriction country list, Content exclusive/ non-exclusive by media type: (stills, video), Distribution channel, Marketing/ Promotion provisions, Wind down period