Extracting key information from contracts with accuracy and reliability.

Contract data extraction has become crucial for organizations to process important information from their contracts and turn them into structured data. However, the accuracy of the data extracted depends largely on the preparation stage of the extraction project.

In this whitepaper, learn how to prepare and clean contract data before extracting relevant information using software or tools. This involves identifying and organizing the data, removing irrelevant or redundant information, standardizing formats, and ensuring data accuracy.

By adopting best practices for preparation, you can ensure your CLM system is fully populated with the necessary data points, enabling better reporting and analysis. Ultimately, this will help you to gain better insights into your contract management processes and make more informed business decisions.

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    Key Take-Away:

    • Various phases in contract data extraction project
    • Importance of being judicious about the data points you want to extract from your contracts
    • Highlighting questions on how to choose a data extraction partner