Job Description:

  • Design NLP application.
  • Use effective text representations to transform natural language into useful features
  • Develop NLP systems according to requirements
  • Train the developed model and run evaluation experiments
  • Perform statistical analysis of results and refine models
  • Extend ML libraries and frameworks to apply in NLP tasks
  • Remain updated in the rapidly changing field of machine learning
  • Write effective, scalable code


  • 1-3 years of proven experience as an NLP engineer or similar role
  • Key requirements: Python, SQL ML, NLP, regular expressions, etc
  • Must have good knowledge of NLP libraries such as spacy, gensim, nltk, scikit-learn, polyglot, etc
  • Good knowledge of deep learning models used in NLP such as BERT, Transformer models, LSTM, GRU, RNN, etc
  • Understanding of text representation techniques (such as n-grams, bag of words, sentiment analysis, etc), statistics and classification algorithms
  • Should be self-learner
  • Working knowledge of GitHub and Jira
  • Good debugging skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication

Post Date: 20 September 2021

Location: Pune, India

Job Type: Information Technology

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