It is essential to abstract all the critical elements in contracts if you want to be able to reliably search through required information on a computer. You expect to have all the information, not just some because it’s about accuracy and completeness. You can’t afford to miss even one critical element, as that can be the one that causes trouble – it has to be thorough.

Unfortunately, there is no magic software package that does it all. And there is no existing combination of software packages that together can deliver the high-quality accuracy that is necessary. This means an element of human intervention is needed for stringent quality control to ensure accuracy.

A hybrid solution calls for this accuracy, combining software and human review which can give you six-sigma quality output. Brightleaf knows this, it uses the most advanced software for scanning, optical character recognition, natural language processing, and semantic data extraction. We invest in it so that you don’t need to. Brightleaf Solutions gives the Six Sigma (99.999%) accuracy because of the combination of our people, process, and technology.

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