These days, technology is an integral part of just about everyone’s life both at work and at home. And that’s certainly true for lawyers. Count how many times an attorney uses pen and pencil these days while drafting an agreement. Almost none, right? They log in to the laptop, finish the drafting to complete a deal in far less time with the help of document revision and automation tools that are readily available (often with the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger). And it’s accelerating with 24/7 access to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

So far so good…

But many of the laws governing our day-to-day interactions, notably communication, ethics, discrimination, and privacy were established several decades ago – indeed, some are centuries old – and therefore require close examination to determine how, or if, they apply in today’s connected world. Most troubling is the gaps are getting wider because these laws have not kept up with the relentless, daily advances in technology.

If these issues are on your radar, we think this article, entitled “Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology“ is a good read: Laws and ethics can’t keep pace with technology