In the last few years, all industries have been benefiting from an increase in automation, from robotics to software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to automated processes and tasks. According to different estimations, in the next decade, Artificial Intelligence is thought to replace 16% of jobs. Technologists are busy in their labs innovating advanced versions of these robots and algorithms using newer AI and Machine learning (ML) techniques. The idea is to use the latest AI and Machine Learning software to automate every possible process that can make tasks more convenient, easier, and more accurate.

Because of increasing competition coupled with demands from their clients, using software to automate tasks is quickly transferring from “nice to have” to “must have” enhancements. Automation has been helping companies save on their operational costs and improve quality, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

Even contract intelligence is not untouched by this development. Increasing competition and digitalization are forcing managers to make more informed decisions. Brightleaf understands your different data requirements and can help you structure information scattered and hidden within your contracts and other important documents. We use artificial intelligence-driven software to extract data from your contracts, which is then reviewed by our experts for quality and accuracy. Automated contract abstraction empowers you to:

  • Analyze risks, obligations, and opportunities to avoid potential legal disasters.
  • Improve compliance with both new and existing contracts
  • Efficiently identify and manage existing contractual commitments
  • Enhance productivity within your legal, contracts, and procurement departments