Corridor and Brightleaf’s webinar Incorporating a Migration Strategy into a Contract Management System Initiative was a big success! We had great attendance and wanted to make sure that the information shared by our speakers was made available to those that could not make it.

We covered a lot of ground in 45 minutes including the following:

  • Three Dimensions of Contract Management – Understanding the different parts of a contract’s lifecycle allows you to prioritize the parts that play a role in your initiative.
  • Implementation – Thinking ahead to the timing, pacing, and scale of the system you plan to implement lets you also plan for success. A CM system implementation Road Map should include things such as your plan for capturing ROI, your handle on your own business processes, your perspective on hosting, and the size and composition of your team.
  • Migration of Legacy Contracts – Modern technology has made automated migration of contracts – metadata, provisions, and obligations – a practical reality to consider early on.
  • Managing Your Legacy Data – Access to legacy contract data presents new questions for your organization, particularly regarding monitoring data quality, redundancy, outlier data, and in determining what types of legacy data can be effectively used by your team.
  • Weaving Deployments and Migration – We are finding that contract management system implementations and migration efforts can reinforce each other in areas such as data structure, strategic onboarding of users, and management of obligations and information beyond standard contract data.