Lease extraction

The process of retrieving relevant data points from your lease contracts can have a huge impact on your organization if not tracked properly. A summary of your lease contracts at your fingertips can save you time, money and mitigate the risk associated with non-compliance.

The process of reviewing lease data for say asset management, due diligence, or compliance is not that a straightforward task. There are clauses in the contracts which need continuous monitoring that should be tracked carefully. Terms like critical key dates, lease expiration date, rental summary, options for renewal, relocation, etc. are an important component of a lease agreement any incorrect extraction can cause revenue loss or non-compliance for the organization.

Brightleaf specializes in quickly and efficiently extracting data from your leases, any disparate documents, including all supporting documents into searchable structured data. Brightleaf takes all your leases, and all their addenda, appendixes, and notes and extracts the essential key data points needed for restructuring the leases and lease data in the files into searchable, reportable formats. As every lease is different in structure, language, and purpose locating the critical data points is exceptionally difficult. Manually, this is an error-prone, time-intensive, and repetitive task. Our process addresses these issues, finding semantic relationships and nuances in leases that can escape manual review. At every stage in the process, we deploy intensive quality control as accounting accuracy demands.

Brightleaf uses the art of artificial intelligence and natural language processing intelligence, coupled with human oversight, to deliver custom results up to Six Sigma (99.99%) accuracy. Regardless of whether the current lease information is held electronically in a digital file or on paper, we can transform it all, efficiently in a secure process. This includes all the parent/child document relationships and the nuances of the lease implications and conditions that may exist in different languages.

The entire process has professional human oversight to correct any possible errors, misreads, or ambiguities. The output is in a file compatible with, and ready to upload into your contract management system and/or your financial system.