21st century manufacturing relies on technology and just-in-time delivery to optimize cost control and profitability. Managing the logistics of raw materials and component parts inbound, managing reliability (maintenance) of manufacturing and delivery equipment and delivering outbound efficiently is all bound up with contracts. Reducing lead times, inventory carrying, production down time and wastage are essential functions. Having access to the information in contracts that govern all these essential activities is critical to success. Being able to pivot from supplier to supplier in time of shortage may be important to delivery contract fulfilment.

Brightleaf Solutions extracts and transform the necessary information from contracts and their attachments, places these attributes into a structured data storage and retrieval system (Contract Lifecycle Management System or CLM) so that they are readily accessible to you. Importantly, because of the use of semantic extraction and natural language processing your specific needs for the information you need and want can be structured the way you want. This then means you can have the information on-demand, in reports or through direct inquiry when you need it, reliably, completely, and dependably.