Is it your core business or your contracts, that should take your maximum time and effort?

With contracts, always in a state of flux, being renewed or newly negotiated it may seem like a good idea at first to buy software for your in-house system. However, you need to buy, install and train and then maintain that software. And it’s not just one software package, it’s a number of different ones that do different tasks. One software package will scan in paper contracts, another will optically recognize characters, and another will use natural language processing to string words into sentences that have meaning. And of course, you will need a semantic capability to make sense of all the language and its inferences and nuances.

Going in-house is expensive, time-consuming, and requires specialized staff to maintain the capability. Add to this the need to perform in-house quality reviews which means more staffing at a professional level, and the risk of (human) errors and omissions and the costs become substantial issues. It’s about the core business you are in. Are you in the software business, or are you focused on your core competency?

Brightleaf knows this, it uses the most advanced software for scanning, optical character recognition, natural language processing, and semantic data extraction and we have experts to vet, review and interpret your data for you. We invest in it so that you don’t need to.

Brightleaf Solutions gets the Six Sigma (99.999%) accuracy because of the combination of our people, process, and technology.

Accuracy in extraction