As a company’s growth graph moves upward, having a Contract lifecycle management (CLM) system in place is the way to manage all your contracts. It is a single unified repository to track contracts better. Reports generated through these systems help businesses to make better-informed decisions.

A contract lifecycle management system enables you to:

  • Report and act on obligations, yours and your counterparty’s.
  • Manage recurring obligations such as reporting on auto-generated tasks.
  • Employ sophisticated workflow options to ensure that contractual commitments are met – and are escalated to the appropriate management figures when at risk.
  • Identify priority contracts and processes for the CLM System.
  • Introduce users to the new CLM System in concert with the relevant contracts and processes.
  • Encourage the training of champions for performance improvement and increased user adoption.

A CLM is not just a tool to store your contracts but assistance to help you manage your contracts, obligations, and relations better.